HKUST is committed to become a global leader in sustainability education by transforming the Clear Water Bay campus into a zero carbon, zero waste, and net-positive environmental impact living laboratory for experiential learning, demonstrating cutting-edge research and sustainable operations within a vibrant and engaged community.

Over the years, there have been different strategies, programs and initiatives that work towards achieving the sustainability vision. Here are some highlights of our achievements:

Here are the other Sustainable operations achievements:


Key achievements since 2014


Establishment of Sustainable Operations Executive Committee

University commitment

New polices: sustainable catering, high performance buildings, green purchasing,

and green cleaning


Overall savings offset our three newest buildings

Waste to landfill

Reduced by over 30% despite increase in population

Recyclable materials

15 categories of recyclables actively separated and collected for positive reuse

Behavior change

Established Green office, Green lab, Green events programs

Student incorporation

Over 30 hands-on student group projects advised and guided by campus

operations professional staff

Campus as a Living Lab

Over 15 faculty-led on campus research projects