ESG Reports

HKUST ESG Report 2022-23

Since 2015, when the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology adopted its first sustainability action plan (the HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge) the university has strived to live up to our definition of sustainability: creating the conditions for people to thrive, over time, and within planetary boundaries. These three elements—a focus on the well-being of our community; a commitment to progress over time; and a clear-eyed understanding of our planetary resource limitations—inform our thinking and planning at the university level.

HKUST is committed to becoming a net-zero carbon university by 2045, if not earlier, by taking the lead on developing solutions that demonstrate our dedication to creating a true net-zero world.

As the campus gradually returns to its pre-pandemic state following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and as we embark on numerous new developments, our determination to achieving our 2028 sustainability challenges has taken on unprecedented importance. This report represents a snapshot of where we stand today in our work towards creating a sustainable campus of the future. This Report highlights our performance towards our intermediate goals as articulated in the HKUST 2028 Sustainability Challenge, and brings to life some of the extraordinary efforts of members of our community. We recognize that this story is only half-written, but we are pleased to share what we have accomplished so far. We aspire to be a bridge that unites knowledge with action, and hope that bridge will take us to a future where sustainability is not an aspiration, but a reality.

The vision of HKUST is to empower members of the HKUST community to create the conditions for people to thrive, over time, and within planetary boundaries.

This report highlights our efforts in the 2021/22 academic year and presents strategic plans to meet the 2028 Sustainability Goals, and has been prepared in Accordance with the Future Fit Business Benchmark, SDG and GRI Standards.

HKUST defines sustainability as “creating the conditions for people to thrive, over time, and within planetary boundaries.”

With emphasis on the word “creating,” HKUST acknowledges that positive change is an ongoing process, and that our responsibility as a global leader in the higher education sector is to demonstrate our sustainability commitments in teaching, operations, research, and community engagement.