Do you know that even though it rains a lot in Hong Kong, healthy drinkable water is still a scarce resource?

You can always help by doing as follows:

  • Cut Your Shower Time by 2 Minutes, Save 20 Liters - You'll Be the Water-Saving Superhero!
  • Turn Off the Tap While You Brush, Shave, and Lather - H2O Conservation in Action!
  • Embrace the Power of Full Loads - Conserve Water and Energy Like a Laundry Wizard!
  • Report Any Water Leaks to the Campus Management Office at 2358 6500 - Let's Squash Those Sneaky Drips!
  • 5-Minute Shower Challenge, the CO2 Crusade: Join the Battle, Reduce 11kg of CO2!
  • Curious about more? Click Here for more details!

The heart of the system is an integrated water-powered LED light that changes color in line with actual water usage; going from green when water starts flowing and changing every 10L. Once 30L is consumed (around 4.5 minutes in), the light will urge users to hurry up by turning red.

This project provides the first implementation of time reversal (TR)-based diagnostic method in a real urban water supply system (UWSS) and develops a remote and automated monitoring system to control it.