HKUST Student-led Societies on Sustainability

At HKUST, there are a number of student-led societies/groups with vision to contribute to sustainability. You may contact them to get involved and be part to drive the actions!

Oikos Hong Kong is the first student society in the city that promotes sustainability in business. Oikos HKUSTSU seeks to strengthen action competence for sustainable development among tomorrow’s decision makers. The society aims to a) increases students’ awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges, especially on Management and Economics areas; b) fosters their ability not only to analyse long-term economic, environmental and social trends, but also implement sustainability-driven innovation; c) creates institutional support for these learning processes through the integration of sustainability issues in research and teaching at the world’s faculties for Management and Economics.

Environmental Management and Technology Students’ Society (EVMTSS), HKUSTSU, was established by a group of students studying in the undergraduate programme of BSc in Environmental Management and Technology offered by the Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) of HKUST. As a non-profit making and nonpolitical student-run organization, EVMTSS strives to unite students to devote to the environment, promote sustainability and contribute to environmental conservation in the society through various enriching activities organized by and for students. On top of introducing global and local environmental problems, the Society would also like to emphasize the concept of green business as a new business opportunity and solution to current environmental problems.

REMAKE is a free community-based repair project that holds Repair Parties at HKUST with a fun, collaborative spirit. REMAKE attempts to contribute in the fight for sustainability by focusing on the mid- to end-stage of consumer electronics’ lifecycle, but which has been shown to have major implications throughout this and other industries: repairing. 

Pinocchio a student-led organisation that promotes mental health awareness in HKUST. They build an online platform and publish monthly newsletters for HKUST students, aiming to build a supportive community to improve students' inner wellness.

Whis is HKUST’s first support group for women’s health. They aim to create a community in HKUST where women feel safe to share their experiences, and to connect the school with its young female students through active communication, exhibitions, surveys, online resource bank, workshops and seminars to bridge the knowledge gap in the female student body on women’s unique health issues and risks.

Enactus is an international nonprofit promoting social innovation and social entrepreneurship to university students through experiential learning, training and competitions. The Enactus network of students, business volunteers and academic advisors are unified by their vision-to create a better, more sustainable world. Enactus Hong Kong has been operating in 12 tertiary institutions with over 1500 university student members. The work of Enactus Hong Kong can be classified into 3 main parts: student engagement, upskilling and training, and support to the student social entrepreneurial projects. All of these are coordinated by the core management of Enactus Hong Kong.

UniGreen Eats is group of HKUST students and staff under Green Team, who are passionate about the environment and animal welfare. The goal is to establish and promote a sustainable diet on campus for the improvement of the University's environmental performance, students' health and animal welfare.

“UST Food” is a group under Green Team who runs a platform for community members to exchange edible food, which is in good conditions, packaged, before the expiry date, and does not require refrigeration. They organize events to collect and redistribute surplus food from time to time with the aim of alleviating food waste generation on campus.