How Can We Save Paper Everyday?

  • Get Digital, Save a Tree! Choose Gadgets over Printing!
  • Go Two-Sided, Eco-Guide Approved! Use Recycled or Sustainable Paper with Soya-Based Inks. Fit More, Print Less!
  • Before You Print, Peep the Preview. Don't Waste, Make it Haste!
  • Share Notes, Printouts, and Textbooks with Friends. Less Paper, More Laughter and Study Hacks!
  • Embrace Hand Dryers and Reusable Towels in the Washroom. Dry Hands, Save Lands!
  • Curious about Campus Paper Crunch? Click Here for more details!

Thinking About Recycling Paper But Feeling Confused?


You can recycle:

Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Paper Packaging Materials!

(for Styrofoam Packagings, recycle them at LG7 refuse chamber!)


For beverages cartons, recycling places are at:

Atrium, Seafront Cafeteria,

UG Hall6 G/F, and SSQ Tower8, G/F