Nurture future leaders of Hong Kong: Promoting sustainability at the ESF Clearwater Bay School

In September, representatives from the HKUST Sustainability/Net-Zero Office hosted engaging and informative sharing sessions for Clearwater Bay School (CWB) Year 6 students. 


The sessions covered crucial aspects such as lifecycle education, net-zero carbon, community outreach and engagement, green lab initiatives, and the vision of a Sustainable Smart Campus, inspiring the young to become catalysts for change.


For lifecycle education, students were enlightened about the application of meatless options, with a deep dive into the life cycle assessment of cultivated meat; students also explored solutions to recycling plastics and sustainable innovations within the existing space. 


To demonstrate as examples, the young pupils were introduced to several outreach initiatives carried out by the Sustainability Office and different green team groups. In particular, they were impressed by the umbrella and computers repairing activities, kombucha making workshop, food recycling and sharing as well as installations of artwork in SmART stairwells and SmART sounds in toilets - projects that explore shifts in behaviours by transforming infrastructures with artistic and acoustic touches - under the objective of using the school campus as a Living Lab. 


The learning did not end there. To wrap up the sharing, students were encouraged to consolidate knowledge learnt and formulate solutions that can help improve problems on their campus.


The session concluded with positive feedback and fruits for thought. Take a look at students' thought-provoking journal entries which reflected their takeaways, as shown in the photos.


Since last year, HKUST has collaborated with Clearwater Bay School on a second-hand clothing collection for the ANEW market on campus. Continuing with this new tradition, the university has invited the elementary students to visit the clothing swap event and community garden. They will also be performing at the Garage Sale scheduled for November.


By sharing knowledge, inspiring action, and fostering collaboration, we are nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who will make a positive impact on the world around them.

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