Paper to Infinity-Transform Paper Waste into Products

Hello everyone,

We are the “Paper to Infinity” project group, the winner of the Sustainable Smart Campus Student Competition 2022. Our team is all about promoting sustainability on campus and getting students involved in meaningful initiatives. We're thrilled to bring you some exciting updates on our project!

In honor of the Earth Day, we recently organized the "Transform Waste into Treasure: Experience the Art of Paper Recycling!" workshops for students to learn about the paper recycling process and create their own recycled paper keychains. It was an incredible experience to witness 23 participants successfully transformed over 550g of paper waste collected at HKUST into 44 unique keychains using our 3D-printed molds to shape the pulp. We are grateful to contribute to a more sustainable future through this event.

Here are some sharing from our participants:

"I never realized that paper waste could be transformed into beautiful products. It's amazing to witness the potential of recycling!"

"The workshop made me more conscious of the paper waste we generate daily. It's empowering to know that I can contribute to a sustainable future through simple actions."

Our project, “Paper to Infinity”, focuses on addressing the issue of paper waste at HKUST.

At first, we noticed limited student involvement in paper recycling. While the University has a well-developed paper recycling system that recycled 3 million pieces of A4 paper on campus in the 2020/2021 academic year, many students may not be aware of the importance of recycling paper or how they can actively contribute. Therefore, we aim to encourage them to be more mindful of their paper waste consumption through the workshops.

Furthermore, we observed a lack of diversity in recycled paper products. Traditionally, recycled paper is often turned back into paper, limiting the range of products that can be created. Inspired by a project we discovered online about recycling cardboard with 3D-printed molds, we saw the potential to repurpose the paper waste on campus and expand the range of products created from recycled paper and cardboard. By combining the traditional recycling method with 3D printing technology, we molded the paper pulp into a variety of appealing and functional products such as keychains, storage boxes, and poker cards.

To work towards a more sustainable campus and a greener future, let's be mindful of our waste. Other than recycling, we can explore innovative ways to reduce waste by reusing or repurposing it. We are excited to continue exploring new paper product ideas and organizing more workshops for students. Thank you for all your support! Feel free to share your ideas with us and stay tuned for more updates.

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