Joy of Harvesting in Student Hall Organic Farm

Can you imagine yourself after a day of class, farming with other residents, Resident Master, tutors and hall staff with fun and sweat? Think about enjoying the harvest of fresh vege and herbs in the hall garden?

HKUST UG Hall III launched a new Organic Farming Pioneers Program in January this year that aims to engage a group of Hall III residents who have strong passion to serve the residence community and promote the ideas of green living, respecting and appreciating nature.

26 hall residents were selected as the “Organic Farm Pioneers” to create and maintain a new organic farm in the outdoor space behind UG Hall III. After attending the training from Green Lab, a variety of seeds were sowed inside planter boxes including Italian Lettuce, Chili, Basil, Beans, Chinese Chives, Chinese Kale and Spinach. The pioneers watered and fertilized the plants regularly and ensured that the plants grew healthily.

One of the student participants, Carina Wong shared with us, “We started off this  brand new planting program by planting vegetables like Italian Lettuce and Spinach. Since it was new for all of us, we were all exploring and learning new things while planting. We have gained lots of hands-on experience about organic farming from the co-founder of Green Lab who shared her knowledge and taught us how to set up our own organic farm from scratch with vegetable boxes. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to join the program! It is really an unusual experience for any hall resident!”

Another student resident Sherry Chan said, “I participated in the Organic Farming program last semester. At first, I thought there would not be much fun. However, after joining the program and planting my own kale, I found that it was interesting and rewarding. Organic farming is environmentally friendly as it requires less pesticide and insecticide. It is so satisfying eating healthy crops grown by myself!”

Not only enhancing the “green space” and aesthetic beauty of the Hall, the student residents had the chance to network with each other through organic farming and well-equipped themselves to be responsible, organized, detailed-minded and prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow!






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