Green Living Companion

Expand Your Recycling Efforts

Apart from metals, paper, and plastic, you can also help recycle glass and clothes.

Check out the Green Campus Map for recycling locations!


Even though it rains a lot in Hong Kong, healthy drinkable water is a scarce resource.

You can always help:

  • Cut Your Shower Time by 2 Minutes, Save 20 Liters - You'll Be the Water-Saving Superhero!
  • Turn Off the Tap While You Brush, Shave, and Lather - H2O Conservation in Action!
  • Embrace the Power of Full Loads - Conserve Water and Energy Like a Laundry Wizard!
  • Report Any Water Leaks to the Campus Management Office at 2358 6500 - Let's Squash Those Sneaky Drips!
  • 5-Minute Shower Challenge, the CO2 Crusade: Join the Battle, Reduce 11kg of CO2!


Conserving energy can help fight climate change!

What can you do?

  • Unplug Computers, Lights, and ACs on Their Unworthy Quests.
  • Vanquish Standby Mode, Cut the Power Completely, and Save the Day!
  • Activate the computer's  'Sleep Mode' after 10 Minutes of Inactivity
  • Keep Cool at 25.5 Degrees Celsius or Higher.
  • Skip the Elevator, Climb the Stair- Your Health and the Planet Will Thank You!
  • Contact the Campus Management Office at 2358 6465 for ventilation Feedback - They'll Make You Breathe Easy!
  • Seek Out Their Energy Efficiency Label Grade One - They'll Slash Your Bills and Save the World!
  • Embark on a Quest for More Energy-Saving Tips - Unleash Your Inner Green Hero!
  • Investigate Energy Consumption - Discover the Secrets of Our Campus Power Play!


How much paper do we consume every day?

Before printing, think about this:

  • Get Digital, Save a Tree! Choose Gadgets over Printing!
  • Go Two-Sided, Eco-Guide Approved! Use Recycled or Sustainable Paper with Soya-Based Inks. Fit More, Print Less!
  • Before You Print, Peep the Preview. Don't Waste, Make it Haste!
  • Share Notes, Printouts, and Textbooks with Friends. Less Paper, More Laughter and Study Hacks!
  • Embrace Hand Dryers and Reusable Towels in the Washroom. Dry Hands, Save Lands!
  • Curious about Campus Paper Crunch? Click Here for more details!

Waste Management

Try to count how much waste you produce everyday.
You will be amazed by how much you can save.


The best way to conserve valuable materials is reducing the waste.

  • Think twice before you buy: Do you really need it? Do you have enough storage? Will you regret it tomorrow?
  • Consumers are influential. You have a choice! Choose products with minimal packaging.
  • If you are not too hungry, why not ask for the "less rice" option? The main canteens on campus all offer this option with $1 discount, and it is cheaper too. 
  • When buying takeaway food, if you bring along your own cutlery and lunch box our caterers will support your green action by offering $1 discount. Otherwise, there is $2 levy on requesting disposable takeaway container. 
  • HKUST has eliminated the sale of bottled water under 1 Litre. Say "no" to bottled water. Clean water is available for you on campus. Carry your own reusable drinking bottle and refill it from the drinking fountains (for free)



Reusing materials is another way to extend their value.