Green Trekkers Finding New Home for Hall Residents’ Items

Every year when students leave the resident’s halls, bags of items are disposed as trash as students no longer need them at home or exchange students are leaving HK. In fact, many of these items are still in good shape for use and in function. When we think about the material, energy and cost that were used in producing these items, it’s such a waste of resources to treat them as trash.   

Same as previous years, the Student Housing and Residential Life Office organized the recycling activity during student hall check out period. But their new Green Trekkers program has redesigned the “Give and Take Campaign” to minimize the amount of waste and facilitate the exchange of items.

This year, Give and Take Corners were set up in the lobby of each UG hall to collect items given out by residents from 11 to 28 December. Residents were also encouraged to take away any items that they find useful from the corner. On the last day of event, Green Trekkers collected 400 leftover items and sorted those in good condition into categories of beddings, clothes, kitchen goods, household items, stationeries and books. A large amount of pillows and quilts, as well as hangers and clothes were collected.

On 29 and 30 January, a "Feel-free-to-take day" was organized in the open area in front of Seafront Canteen for new residents to take items that they need. A total of 286 people visited the counter and took over 200 different items.

One of the Green Trekkers, KO Cheuk Kei Jackie, Year 1 student from School of Science shared, “The Give and Take Campaign has been successful in many ways. Not only can it help reduce wastes, but it can also reduce the needs of new residents for buying new items, which may become waste at the end when they check out. I am also glad to know that lot of students participated in this campaign and they are willing to take one step forward to build a greener UST. Let’s gather all the small steps together and make a big step in promoting environmental sustainability in HKUST campus.”


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