Sustainability Research and Demonstration Goal

Overarching Goal 

HKUST’s overarching sustainability research and demonstration goal is to use our HKUST campus as a “living laboratory” for testing new ideas and approaches to solve sustainability challenges. 


Strategies and Tactics

Vision for Sustainability Research and Demonstration at HKUST  


Sustainable and smart are two elements that work exceptionally well together. Sustainability is a powerful set of concepts that can highlight a brighter future. However, it needs pioneering actions and technologies to unwrap the vast potential of a sustainable world. Smart represents that pioneering spirit, but needs the guardrails of sustainability to ensure positive impacts that improve our lives and our environment. Using our own university as a test-bed for research and testing new ideas, we embrace the framework of using our campus as a living lab, valuing the inputs of our very own community. 


The HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab is the combined effort of teams, where the mixture of ideas of people from different disciplines and backgrounds germinate the seeds of innovation. Through trial and error, revising, tweaking, and always being open to new ideas, the projects are never quite finished; rather they are works in progress, and a true reflection of the spirit of our HKUST community. 


The success of a SSC project depends largely on the campus operations team. For an idea or solution to be able to implement on the campus, the operations team plays a crucial role to offer practical advice on technical feasibility, site identification, maintenance and support. The research team and operations team work hand in hand to ensure the project is carried out smoothly on campus.  


From research to demonstration, it requires effective translation to communicate a complex idea to the community. Education and learning is the overarching purpose of SSC. The mission of the SSC team is to bring people together, bridge the gap and build community connections. We are to support the research team from the get-go, to connect and coordinate relevant parties, to transform and illuminate their ideas into visible and comprehensible learning resources to educate the public and to act as an incubator for the SSC projects to attract investors from industry and government to create a bigger impact to the society.