Sustainability Networks Goal

Overarching Goal 

Comprising a combination of official and voluntary campus groups, the goal of the Sustainability Network is to form social backbone of community members to support and advance sustainability actions and policies.   


Strategies and Tactics 

Vision for Sustainability Networks at HKUST  


The 2028 Challenge identified the creation of “Networks” as one of the four key pillars of the action plan.  The Sustainability Network Committee, comprising individuals representing different offices and departments across the university, will form the social backbone to support and advance sustainability actions and policies.  Targeting the largest and/or most active offices and departments on campus, the goal is to have representation from a cross-section of the university in order to share ideas, provide updates and new information, celebrate successes, and provide feedback on new initiatives.  Members of the Network will also be an avenue for bringing this news and information back into the offices and departments, sharing best practices, and helping to engage their colleagues in sustainable office practices. 


In addition to the Sustainability Network Committee, the HKUST community is fortunate to have many members who are active in developing new ideas and volunteering their time to make the campus more sustainable and a place where all can thrive. These volunteer groups—ranging from a Green Team to gardening enthusiasts—create informal networks that advance sustainability goals and help the university reach our vision.