Sustainability Education Goal

Overarching Goal 

HKUST’s overarching sustainability education goal is to ensure that by 2028 all students gain a solid understanding of sustainability concepts and graduate with the capacity and commitment to solve problems locally and globally.  


Strategies and Tactics

Vision for Sustainability Education at HKUST  

HKUST has identified the character of sustainability education as including the following elements: 

  • inter-disciplinary 

  • inclusive 

  • multigenerational  

  • thinking across time and space 

  • building a common language of values 

  • identifying and solving problems 


HKUST’s definition for sustainability education is “Creating the conditions for students to thrive, over time, and within planetary boundaries.” To achieve this, HKUST embraces the framework for sustainability education as an interplay of: 

  • Relevant knowledge and understanding of the issues, supported by 

    • an appreciation for values and perspectives, creating the foundation to build 

      • the skills and competencies necessary to address the challenge of a sustainable future 

Figure 1: Sustainability Education Framework


The three domains reinforce each other to build a comprehensive sustainability education framework that allows students to see the connections between what issues need to be addressed, the values that influence why we should act, and the skills that provide the insights on how to act.